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What you didn't know about passing dynamic classname and attribute bidings from parent template

13th April 2017 (last updated at 6th January 2018)

The straightforward way of applying dynamic class/attribute bindings to a component is within that component's class definition. For build-in and third-party components that would require subclassing, which is often undesirable. It's tempting to pass the bindings from a parent template without subclassing, but that works not how you think it works.

PromiseProxyMixin: pure Ember alternative to ember-concurrency

7th March 2017 (last updated at 5th January 2018)

ember-concurrency is an extremely powerful and useful addon. Yet, if your only use case is fetching or sending data, there's a lighweight alternative.

Do not confuse environment for deploy target

18th February 2017 (last updated at 24th December 2017)

Most frameworks have a concept of environment. Many developers are misusing it as a deploy target.

I've joined Deveo!

7th February 2017

It's always been a dream of mine to build a product from developer for developers.

Do return an `RSVP.hash()` from your routes' `model` hooks!

8th December 2016

It's a relatively widespread opinion that returning a hash from the model hook is a bad practice. I believe it's not! I always return a hash, following a witty pattern, and find it very beneficial.

New website!

4th December 2016

The new personal website is live! Though it looks humble, it's packed with Ember features and best practices. Meant to be a showcase of my skills.